Touchscreen is a user interface technology that enables direct interaction or communication between end-users and the device they operate. It has become the default Human-Machine Interface (HMI) choice with variants. The invention of touchscreens
Anti-shatter coating is a critical measure for protecting the touchscreen if you expect that users of your device might drop it and cause the screen to shatter. This happens to smartphone users very often.  How can you make your touchscreen
Prototyping is a key element of a successful design and engineering process. In the past, prototyping created many challenges for design teams looking to create makeshift models that would provide a valid basis for a given application. Prototyping
  Touch screen displays are one of the most popular elements of consumer electronics products. They are used by consumers, students, and workers in many different contexts. If you would like to include a touch screen in your application, you
Consumers are surrounded by the touch screen technology that has today become commonplace in human-computer interaction. We find touch screens in smartphones, tablets, and laptops. When we go out, we use touch screens in ATMs, ticket machines and
Take a look at the touch screen market, and you’ll find more than half-dozen touchscreen technologies that can be used even in the most demanding environments. While business owners can choose from many different types of touch screens, two types
The touch screen technology has evolved rapidly during the last few years, bringing users and businesses many options to choose from. While new types of touch screens emerge and others are improved, the resistive and capacitive touch screens
In our daily lives, we’re surrounded by touch screens constantly. We see them in smartphones, tablets, ATMs, ticket vending machines, kiosks, and even manufacturing plants. All of these examples use touch panels to enable easier interaction
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