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Melrose provides OLED displays of the highest quality to satisfy the demands of our customers.

Give your product the sense of a new interface with the latest OLED technology. It’s trending and why don’t you send us the requirements to get things done in no time.

OLED Display Solutions

Innovative OLED displays are thin, require no backlight, and offer traits such as high contrast, perfect black, long liveliness (of up to 110,000 hours of work). OLED displays work in a wide temperature range (from -40 ° C to + 80 ° C). 

These displays are the best for various types of electronic devices like mobile devices, household appliances, automotive, medical industry, IoT, POS, and more.

We provide our clients with a broad range of OLED graphic and character displays from global, recognized brands. Depending on your application, we offer OLED display solutions with different technical parameters.


Graphic OLED Displays
Character OLED Displays

The Key Specifications

48×64, 50×16, 64×32, 64×48, 76×16, 96×16, 96×64, 100×8, 100×32, 100×16, 128×32, 128×64, 128×128, 200×16, 256×64
Content color
Blue, Blue & yellow, green, sky blue, white, yellow
Module Type
Chip on glass, Chip on board, Tape Automated
Parallel 4 bit, Parallel 8 bit, I2C, SPI
H1106G, SH1106G, SSD1305, SSD1305Z, SSD1306, SSD1306BZ, SSD1307ZD, SSD1309 , SSD1309ZC, SSD1315, SSD1322, SSD1325, SSD1327ZB, SSD1357, WS0010, WS0011, WS0012
Touch Screen
Available, none
Power supply
3v, 5v

The Key Specifications

8×2, 12×2, 16×1, 16×2, 20×2, 20×4, 40×2
Content Color
Blue, green, red, white, yellow
Module Type
Chip on Board, Chip on Glass
parallel 4-bit, parallel 8-bit, I²C, SPI
SSD1311, SSD1311M1Z, WS0010, WS0012
Power Supply
3v, 5v
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