Silicone rubber keypads

Get components of superior quality that match your application demands and its environment.

Bringing decades of experience in engineering and design assistance to all industrial and commercial applications, Melrose is your go-to AS9100D/ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer for silicone rubber keypads in the USA.

Our Services

Design & manufacturing

We create general-purpose silicone keypads from a high-quality translucent silicone rubber base material. Our keypads offer tactile response thanks to the underlying technology, which uses compression molding elements of silicone material.

Product customization

Our silicone keypad designs are fully customizable to match the product specifications. The engineering experience of our team is the key foundation to designing customized prototypes through mass production that fit the application context and environment.

About Silicone Rubber Keypads

Thanks to their low cost, design versatility, and durability, silicone keypads are used in several industries, including medical, marine, and military, as well as consumer products like TV remotes and electronic games.

Multiple printed and molded colors, textures, and graphic backlighting effects – all of these features are supported by silicon keypads. Silicone rubber keypad solutions are available in various sizes and shapes to suit all customer design specifications.

When ordering silicone keypads from Melrose, expect to see these benefits:

Key Components

Base material

We use high-quality translucent silicone rubber base material to develop our general-purpose silicone keypads.

Circuit design

Choose from PCBs and flex circuits (FPC or silver/PET). Electrical contact with the circuit is based on carbon pill inserts or printed carbon contacts. more…

Button choice

Our keypads can feature soft silicone buttons (typically 55 durometers) as well as hard buttons created by adding epoxy caps.

Co-molded inserts

These are all the additional elements such as shielding, adhesives, venting, pinouts, connector tail, and dome arrays. We can design keypads with almost any surface mount device component embedded in them, like resistors or light sensors. more…

Tactile function

We create the tactile feel by placing a metal snap dome below the button or using the rubber durometer and geometry of the button itself. more…


Our experts can mold light pipes for LEDs, paint with translucent silicone, and laser etch the backlit graphics for an optimal visual effect. more…

Add-on services

Take advantage of additional services such as painting, printing (PMS, metallic and fluorescent colors available), and a urethane coating finish for a basic keypad. more…

Take The First Step in Designing Silicone Keypads!

How to design a silicone rubber keypad also known as elastomeric keypad for your application,and make sure that it has all the right components? Use our Free Capsule Silicone Keypad Design Guide and design the keypad easily!

Our capsule guide will walk you through the following details:
Designing custom prototypes doesn't need to be expensive and time-consuming.

Talk with the Melrose engineers to layout a prototype you wanted to launch. Get your customized product with a 100% satisfaction rate.

Melrose has superior knowledge in using the right technology, meeting every requirement consideration. Call us for any clarification.

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