Resistive touch screen solutions

Choose a resistive touch screen for your application with our help. This cost-effective product can match the demands of many applications. Get in touch with us and have our experts assist you in choosing the best touch screen technology.

Melrose Resistive Touch Screen Solutions

Resistive touch screens have become the most suitable touch screen solutions for economical and commercial application in harsh environments. It has been the popular choice in open touch solutions for high volume of application manufacturers. Melrose standard resistive touch screens promise the electronic manufacturers with a durable option and serve a great number of customers in the US alone.

Take a look at the Melrose sizometer and specs to choose the right Melrose resistive touch screen product for you.

The Melrose Sizometer

Find the suitable size based on your requirements by drag & drop feature.

How does a resistive touchscreen work?

A resistive touch screen consists of an ITO conductive coating and space dots sandwiched between two conductive layers and a glass or acrylic backing panel adjoined with the bottom layer.

A PET film above the top circuit layer is where the touchpoint is established. When a user touches the screen, the layers converge to form an electric flow, which causes a voltage change. This change detects the touchpoint, converts into X & Y coordinates, and sends it to the controller.

Features and benefits we promise

Melrose can optimize resistive touch screens to match your specific application requirements.

Improve usability and aesthetics

We can customize your resistive touch screen without any limitations. Our engineers are ready to bring the ideation from writing to a real-world product.


You can choose from 4-wire, 5-wire, or 8-wire technologies to suit the usage conditions and environment. 4-wire is flexible and cost-effective, 5-wire is best for high-volume, and 8-wire ideal for altering conditions.


Matrix/digital technology defines contact fields within the conductive layers of the touchscreen, which makes the system robust and reliable. We always opt for the best technology solutions.

Customize your resistive touch screen application

Say no to limitations, it’s a free world and we are experienced engineers. Melrose provides you a range of custom products that will gear up your resistive TS application beyond any limits.

Light Transmission Value

Increasing the light transmission value improves the display clarity.

Reflectivity Ranges

To make the equipment useful for different environments, its best to reduce the reflective nature of the display layers.

GFG Display

Thin glass or HD film help the screen to become scratch resistant. This type of display also increases the toughness for better touch control.

Touch Screen Design

Bring the best design modification for a stylish machine interface finishing. A smoother outline will give more elegance.

Display Screen Enhancement

Enhance the view with additional layers; O-film (improved viewing angles), BEF, IR shields, and UV filters.

Aren’t you satisfied with Melrose standard resistive touch screen solutions? Do you expect to implement more personalization? Then you should consider the custom resistive touch screen technology.

Our engineers can help you design a customized resistive touch screen prototype that meets your expectations. Contact the team and share your requirements.

Designing resistive standard Touch Screen prototypes doesn't need to be expensive and time-consuming.

Talk with the Melrose engineers to layout a prototype you wanted to launch. Get your standard product with a 100% satisfaction rate.

Melrose has superior knowledge in using the right technology, meeting every requirement consideration.

Get Standard Resistive Touch screen Prototype Design That Matches Your System