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Monochrome LCD Displays

Melrose offers Mono LCM displays, monochromatic LCD matrices that are a great option for implementations in energy-efficient applications – for example, audiovisual applications, industrial, and mobile devices.

We offer a broad range of display parameters to help our clients find the products they need. Some of these parameters are display resolution, size, temperature ranges, and colors. Melrose sells products from recognized global brands.


Graphic Monochrome LCD Displays
Character Monochrome LCD Displays

The Key Specifications

122×32, 128×64, 128×128, 144×32, 144×64, 160×32, 160×128, 160×160, 192×32, 192×64, 202×32, 240×64 240×12, 240×160, 320×240
Background color
Black, blue, white, yellowgreen
Content color
Black, white
parallel 4-bit, parallel 8-bit, I²C , SPI
NT7086, NT7107/NT7108, RA6963, RA8816N , RA8835, S1D3700, SBN1661G, ST7529, ST7565P,, ST7567-G, ST7586S, ST7586S-G4, ST7920, UC1608, UC1698U, none
Module type
Chip on Board, Chip on Glass
Viewing Direction
12, 6
inbuilt voltage generator, none, temperature compensation

The Key Specifications

Characters by row
8X2, 16X1, 16X2, 16X4, 20X2, 20X4, 24X2, 40X2, 40X4
Background color
Black, blue, white, yellow-green
Character color
Black, blue, green, red, white, yellow-green
Viewing Direction
6, 12
Module type
Chip on Board, Chip on Glass
Parallel 4-bit, Parallel 8-bit, I2C, SPI
Cyrillic and English, European and English, Japanese and English
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