What is an anti-shatter screen? Definition and benefits

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Anti-shatter coating is a critical measure for protecting the touchscreen if you expect that users of your device might drop it and cause the screen to shatter. This happens to smartphone users very often. 

How can you make your touchscreen more durable and enhance the user experience, protecting users from getting hurt if the device is damaged and its screen gets shattered? This is where the anti-shatter coating comes in.

Read this article to learn more about this practical coating type. It will help you decide whether your application could benefit from it and deliver an improved user experience. 

What is an anti-shatter screen? 

AMT is a well-known manufacturer or of the high-quality anti-shatter coating. Their product meets the strictest requirements – for example, the military and medical industry standards. 

The coating is used in a highly versatile range of applications. For instance, you can often find it in applications used in public places that might be exposed to a lot of use and high traffic. 

Experienced manufacturers pay a lot of attention to issues related to user security when designing their solutions. This is especially important in medical applications where the safety of patients, staff, and operators needs to be prioritized over other parameters. 

That’s why AMT developed the anti-shatter coating. This coating prevents the spread of glass shards after potential module damage. It has been proven to work really well over numerous tests. They showed that no glass fragments from a broken panel or LCD screen will ever get out of the module that is protected by the anti-shatter coating. This is true even if both of these components get damaged. 

The anti-shatter film comes into two levels of hardness: 3H and 7H. Note that it enables light transmission of 89% (+/- 3%). The anti-shatter film also matches the requirements specified in the UL94VTM-2 flammability rating.

When should you use and an anti-shatter screen? 

User safety is an increasingly important issue in the process of designing and manufacturing devices with touchscreens. That’s why the anti-shatter film has become a common standard among various types of applications. By adopting this technology, you can be sure that potential user injuries will be kept to a minimum. 

This is especially important if your application is going to be used frequently and by a large number of people – for example, an outdoor ticket machine or public information kiosk. 

Moreover, when used in food preparation equipment, the anti-shatter film minimizes the risk of food contamination with glass shards which is incredibly important. It also protects the modules installed in information and navigation systems or public transport vehicles for the same reason. 

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At Melrose Systems, We have been providing our clients with anti-shatter touchscreens to meet even the most demanding application requirements. Our experts have the experience and know-how to provide you with cost-effective touchscreens that fully protect users against the spread of glass shards when shattered. 

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our consultants. We’re ready to provide your users with the safest touchscreen possible.

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