Our Approach

Melrose focuses on building long-run business relationships with clients on all core services. And for that, we work side by side for every project closely with an open mind. There is a systematic process we follow once our engineers are entitled to a project. You shall find our process approach in the below section.

Do you have an application concept and a goal to launch it in the market? Are you looking for the right manufacturing partner from the USA? Then, it’s time to meet the experts from Melrose.

Melrose is a leading custom manufacturer of human-machine interfaces and industrial identification products with a strong workforce. With 80+ years of experience, we have turned many concepts into reality. Our well-versed team is capable of assessing your concept/requirement, making design considerations, creating prototypes, testing, and launching it in the market.


Engineering consultation


Design collaboration


Create Prototypes




Production launch

Challenges create breakthroughs in the consumer market.

It is your concepts that create breakthroughs in the consumer market. We are just the horsemen who help you reach that goal safer and smoother. And to make it happen, we accept any challenges – the adrenaline in the quest.

Our manufacturing engineering process involves cutting-edge materials, unique designs, and innovative interface development. The complete cycle of the process, which starts from manufacturing, includes rapid prototyping, custom assembly, and testing, ensures finding resilient engineering solutions.

Our Manufacturing engineering products

Touchscreen solutions

Melrose touchscreen products follow cutting-edge technology to manufacture a touch experience for industrial purposes. The latest technology we use for all components integration enables smooth multi-finger and gesture control possibilities.

Display solutions

Keeping the world connected and in touch through a standard range of touch products accelerate the industrial growth rate. To make it even better, our engineers offer customized manufacturing, meeting every corner of customer expectations.

Switches & keypads​

Switches and keypads manufactured by our experienced engineers provide a light tactical feel that elevates the user experience with any product. Factors such as durability, adaptability, and flexibility shape your ultimate choice between membrane switch and keypad.

Do you have an application concept in your mind?

Simply, share the concept with us and let our engineers come up with a mastermind working plan.

When Requirements Become Real Prototype

Talk with the Melrose engineers to layout a prototype you wanted to launch. Get your customized product with a 100% satisfaction rate.

Melrose has superior knowledge in using the right technology, meeting every requirement consideration. Call us for any clarification.

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