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How does it feel to type on your computer keyboard? The sound of the keys, the quick feedback for every press received as a response for what you type – it’s an experience! The physical feedback you receive while typing on the keys is
On average, 40.5 per 100 people visit hospitals for different reasons. Hence, everyone is familiar with medical devices and has seen how advanced the technology has grown. These medical devices are used carefully in various departments and help
Functional inks used to create printed and flexible circuits offer a cost-effective alternative to conventional methods such as etched copper flex circuits and printed circuit boards (PCBs). While the latter options are still widely used, functional
E-paper is one of those technologies that fall under our radar and yet have an immense impact on our everyday lives. The Melrose portfolio of e-paper products is constantly evolving in line with the technological advancements in this niche brought
The choice of the backlighting technology in membrane switch design can have a massive impact on the user experience. Fortunately, manufacturers offer a broad range of backlighting options that allow membrane switch engineers to manage factors such
If you stumbled upon the term “TFT LCD display” and you’re wondering what this display is all about, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we will share our insights about TFT LCD displays to help you understand when it’s the best
Some of the key technologies used across all industries are interfaces that transfer different types of data between devices – for example, images. Such transfers are based on providing data (for instance, processors/controllers or computers)
The display industry has taken a significant technological leap with the release of the EVE4 technology by Bridgetek. Supported by our partners, Melrose Systems now offers a high brightness IPS display line with a BP817Q controller called EVE4. 
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