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“Melrose systems” – A brand that promises a one-stop solution for LCD-TFT, OLED, E-Paper, and LCM display solutions.

Display Manufacturers

Melrose manufactures HMI products to make human-machine interactions a lively experience that never breaks. We are providing our display solutions to various industries. 

Keeping the world connected and in touch through a standard range of touch products accelerates the industrial growth rate. To make it even better, our engineer offers customized prototype designs meeting every corner of customer expectations. 

We feed the world with the latest technology, and it nurtures every day, gaining more experience in different fields.

Display Products

The vision for a product requires world-class components attached to it. here is an opportunity to attain a perfect product

How to choose The Right Display?

Whatever be your need or budget, there is always a display option for you. Here’s a ready-reckoner for your easy reference.


  • Visually impressive, compelling graphic capabilities
  • Best for handheld devices, communications equipment, information displays, and test and measurement equipment
  • Single supply
  • Backlighting for good readability in sunlight
  • Faster screen refresh rate and smooth motion handling

Monochrome LCD

  • Ideal for industrial and consumer applications
  • Low power consumption with clear display
  • Best economical option
  • Powerful user experience


  • Minimized power usage
  • Excellent readability in direct sunlight
  • Unlimited viewing angles


  • Constrained space
  • Dark or dim-lit spaces
  • Cost is not a factor

5 reasons why you must consider Melrose in the first place


Many projects in the arc give the perfect swing to every manufacturing company's expectations.


A wise man always chooses the best technology, which is futuristic - we follow it to satisfy that rule.


The instance where our engineers become the boss - the production time, reliable since our dawn.


One of the promises Melrose always tries to keep is delivering the project at the earliest, and it's never broken.


At every stage of our relationship with the customers, we provide our supporting hands.

Custom Display Solutions

Melrose has a lot of experience in designing and manufacturing customized display solutions. Our application-specific displays can match the individual demands of our clients and provide them with a higher value than standard display products.

Our display customization services cater to customers across various market segments thanks to the focus on cost-effectiveness and short lead times. Our expertise in engineering ensures that developing tailor-made display solutions with different technologies is smooth and streamlined.

You want us to build a customized LCD display that covers the entire wall? We are always up to any challenge. You need a pretty small irregular shaped display that crafts a new experience that the world has never seen before, we are already in for it.
Melrose set no limits to your requirements. We are able to manufacture any display solution that matches your custom requirements. The experience we gain over the time is far enough to achieve it.
When Requirements Become Real Display Prototype

Talk with the Melrose engineers to layout a prototype you wanted to launch. Get your customized product with a 100% satisfaction rate.

Melrose has superior knowledge in using the right technology, meeting every requirement consideration. Call us for any clarification.

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