Take advantage of our experience and skills for your application

Our experts have many years of experience in delivering HMI components to companies that operate across many different industries.

It’s because of our expertise and high quality of manufacturing that the world’s largest corporations and most prominent brands choose us.

Why our customers choose Melrose and keep coming back

Thanks to the superior quality of our products and ample expertise in the field of HMI, our customers select us for their projects over and over again. Our clients return to us because no other manufacturer can provide them with our outstanding technical know-how, ability to be super-responsive, and our trademark “lean” operating philosophy.

With over 80 years of experience in innovation, Melrose provides its customers with outstanding products.


We manufacture our components and parts to the highest standards of excellence. Melrose experts follow the practice and philosophy embodied in our ISO:9001 registration.

That is how we have earned the trust of some of the world’s largest corporations by raising our quality above the industry norm.


Melrose has been in business for over 80 years and employs more than 100 engineers in three factories located in the Silicon Valley and other locations.

We rely on our accumulated experience and collective training to solve the most demanding problems.


Melrose has processes and systems in place that allow meeting urgent customer requirements. We can quickly produce prototypes and meet even the most demanding delivery timelines.

Our three factories work seamlessly together to provide our clients with high-quality products as fast as possible.


Our factory in Hayward, California, flourishes in today’s global market as it operates following a “lean” philosophy of manufacturing to optimize supply chain and costs.

We believe in reducing the expenditure of resources for any goal other than the creation of customer value.


We have always focused on staying in the home market. We are proud of our American heritage and contributions to our nation’s tradition of innovation. The growth of our business over the decades inspired the creation of our 33,000 square foot headquarters facility in Silicon Valley, USA.

We combine it with offshore manufacturing and engineering facilities. To deliver optimal value, we match modern cloud-based ERP and CRM systems with the highest quality manufacturing systems.


We believe that innovation can happen at any time and in any industry – as long as companies are equipped with the right tools. We help companies achieve more by providing them with high-quality components for their applications and sharing our expert knowledge with them during the process.

We are blessed to be located in the heart of Silicon Valley and are well-connected to the innovation demands of companies in this vibrant area.