Other Industries

Melrose has served clients operating in a diverse range of industries. Among them, you’ll find automotive, automation, consumer, entertainment, energy, durable equipment, and fluid control customers. Our experts are ready to take on any challenge.

Other Industries


Melrose developed components for truck scales, construction vehicle controls, and motorcycle seat heater.

Building Automation

We supply lighting & window shade systems, human and vehicle access systems, and window shades on closure systems.

Consumer Products

Melrose supplies applications such as handheld internet devices, personal electric vehicles, and handheld health & beauty devices.

Commercial Entertainment

We help our clients in areas such as concert audio systems, casino gaming machines, and studio recording systems.

Durable Equipment

We deliver laser systems, beverage dispensers, air particle control, coinop laundry systems, and construction storage boxes.

Energy Management

Melrose has experience in areas such as electric grid controls, power electronics systems, and electric vehicle charging stations.

Fluid Control Systems

We supply our clients with valves (ball, check, backflow, fire), pressure regulators & vesicles, as well as liquid level & flow control systems.

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