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Building a medium for the interaction point between machines and humans is critical for applications across many sectors. We provide our clients with button interfaces that provide a tactile feel, resistance to moisture, and durability. Our engineers know how to design the best interfaces suitable for various industry use cases.

Why choose switches or keypads?

Switches and keypads manufactured by experienced engineers provide a light tactical feel that elevate the user experience with any product. Factors such as durability, adaptability, and flexibility shape your ultimate choice between membrane switch and keypad.

At Melrose, we give our customers multiple choices to find one that fits their equipment best. Scroll down to learn more about our membrane switches and silicone keypads.

Make your choices for your smart applications

Membrane Switch

Membrane Switch

Membrane switches are a common component of applications used in consumer electronics and industrial environments to medical and military applications.

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Silicone Keypad

Silicone Keypad

Thanks to their low cost, design versatility, and durability, silicone keypads are used across medical, marine, and military industries, as well as consumer electronics.

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Features & Benefits of your choices

Each choice comes with outstanding features and benefits.

Special Features

  • Backlighting: An additional element that provides light on the keypads from the behind.
  • Graphic Overlay: The outermost layer that connects a user to the machine.
  • Display Choice: Display screen choice that matches your equipment.
  • Shielding: Protect switches or keypads in harsh environments.
  • Touch Customization: An add-on that improves the user experience of your product.
  • Material Choice: A wide range of material choices and printing techniques to give your product a unique look.

Key Benefits

  • Water and chemical resistance
  • A real tactile feel
  • Flexibility to bring add-ons
  • Durability
  • Premium quality
  • Economical options
  • High Durability
  • Match for most appliances
  • Easily customization


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