Membrane Switches & Keypads

Develop a custom membrane switch solution for your products from experienced US-based manufacturers.

Melrose is an AS9100D ISO 9001:2015 certified membrane switch and keypad manufacturer in the United States, building on its decades of experience in the sector.

Our Services


We deliver customized membrane switches and keypads to ensure that the final product meets all your specifications and requirements. Every customer receives a personalized experience that matches their applications perfectly.

Expert prototyping through mass production

The key to creating a high-quality membrane switch starts with a high-quality prototype. At the onset of our collaboration, we will design a prototype that matches the product specifications. Later on, after the batch production, the product will be ready for mass production.

About Membrane Switches

A membrane switch is a common component of applications used across many sectors, from consumer electronics and industrial environments to medical and military applications.

Membrane switches are made of  flexible graphic and internal layers  (also called membranes) on top of a circuit. Thanks to their layered nature, membrane switches offer engineers a lot of freedom in designing and implementing solutions that deliver the desired customer experience.

Key Components

When designing a membrane switch, our experts consider many different parameters, including the intended use cases, graphic overlays, adhesives,and more. Find out more about the components a membrane switch needs to have.

  • Mechanical Design & Printing

    We can design membrane switches to be tactile and non-tactile, thereby defining their value.

  • Backlighting

    Improve vision and deliver a better user experience by adding a backlight to your membrane switch.

  • Graphic overlay

    This top layer serves as the interface between the user and the machine. Choose a suitable material selection.

  • Display module

    Provide a finishing touch to your application from multiple display options.

  • Circuit design elements

    Add more elements such as adhesives, venting, pinouts, connector tail, and dome arrays.

  • Touch customization

    Give users a new experience by integrating high-quality PCAP touch screens.

Membrane Switch Constructions

When it comes to membrane switch constructions, you can choose between ones that are simpler and more advanced. Here’s a short guide to each of these types with examples and key considerations you need to make when designing them.

Take The First Step In Designing Your Membrane Switch

How to design a membrane switch and make sure that it has all the right components? Use our free design guide to get started. Once you go through it, you’ll be able to design your own membrane switch. 

Our guide will walk you through the following points:

How To Install A Membrane Switch Correctly?

Correct installation is critical to achieving the right effect with the membrane switch and getting the most value from your investment. Here is a brief overview about how to install a membrane switch correctly. You can also download the pdf file for step-to-step installation guidance.


Carefully cut & remove 1/8 of the adhesive layers.


Pass the flex cable through the tail exit slot & adhere the switch to the unit's surface.


Position the membrane switch at 30° & peel the rest of the adhesive liner.


Laminate the switch from the side, where you've removed the adhesive layer.


Start using a soft roller by gradually lowering the angle of the membrane switch.


Lamination is over and time to bend the circuit carefully without damaging the switch.

Read this step-by-step guide to install the membrane switch correctly in pdf format.
Designing custom prototypes doesn't need to be expensive and time-consuming.

Talk with the Melrose engineers to layout a prototype you wanted to launch. Get your customized product with a 100% satisfaction rate.

Melrose has superior knowledge in using the right technology, meeting every requirement consideration. Call us for any clarification.

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