Melrose launches a new initiative to bring technical advancement in the field of electronics. The initiative is named as the zero dollar project. The intent is to provide a free sample for industrial users of displays and touch screens. Melrose considers the special offers as a new walkthrough for industries towards a high-end technology, which has futuristic demands.

How to redeem this offer? 

The steps to redeem the special offer is as follows;

  1. Document and send the project information
  2. Connect one-to-one with our engineering experts
  3. Melrose will send the customer a free prototype once the design is approved by the Melrose team 

Note: The project must be at least 1000 pieces/year usage. Applicable to industrial users of PCAP and TFT-LCD displays.

The free sample is custom-designed, developed, and manufactured to match the customer requirements at zero cost and zero obligation! The free prototype will be either fully customized or of a TFT panel from one of the partnering companies, such as AUO, BOE, Innolux, Tianma, JDI, Mitsubishi, Kyocera, or others.

Melrose focuses on providing the best technology solution for industrial users with competitive prices and exceptional customer service. The team is capable of refining the project information and offering the customer an expertized prototype for free. The customers will also get the opportunity to get dedicated engineering consultation from our experts.

For more details contact your advisor at 510-732-3100.