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Melrose manufacturers ultra-low power and high contrast ePaper displays with futuristic designs that match the customer expectations.

ePaper displays introduce a brand-new experience for users thanks to their excellent performance outdoors and broad viewing angles. Businesses can take advantage of the low power consumption of ePaper displays.  

Melrose always promises customers a futuristic approach by jumping ahead of ePaper technology for delivering a digital experience. Benefit from full customization and personalization to develop ePaper for the most demanding applications. 

Certified ePaper display manufacturer

Melrose is a prominent display producer in the United States, with decades of industry expertise. The company provides billions of machines and equipment with a touch of customization by following a unique engineering approach established over the years. When it comes to developing and implementing user interface goals, customers rely on our experience and certification. We possess numerous certifications, ranging from AS9100D to ISO 9001:2015, providing exceptional value and assisting our customers in achieving compliance.

Our services

Customization and personalization

We create ePaper configurations to guarantee that the finished product matches your exact needs. Our specialists make sure that every customer receives a tailored experience and a bespoke solution that matches their needs.

Expert prototyping

Starting with a high-quality prototype is the key to producing ePaper displays. You will get a prototype that matches the product specs at the start of our partnership. We also ensure that our engineers adhere to all safety and quality requirements.

About ePaper displays

Electronic Paper Display (also called EPD or ePaper displays) is a display that doesn’t require power to operate. Just like actual paper, ePaper doesn’t need a backlight to display content, and the picture displayed mimics ink on paper.

The key advantages of ePaper displays are low energy needs, outstanding readability in the sunshine, and infinite viewing angles. These benefits make them an ideal choice for many industrial and consumer applications, such as e-prices, weather stations, smart homes, modern schedules, interactive signs, badges, and smartwatches.

Instead of applying changes manually, users may utilize a centralized Content Management System to make changes and have them appear in e-paper displays right away. It’s worth noting that EPD uses relatively little energy during such a content update.

Advantages of ePaper displays

Ultra-Low Power Consumption
Paper-like readability; e-ink technology
Excellent visibility even in direct sunlight
High reflectivity, high contrast, and resolution
Viewing angle of ~180°
Highly flexible technology
Prolonged battery life
Outstanding clarity
Reduced eye strain

How do ePaper displays work?

Let’s start by explaining how e-ink works. Small capsules filled with a transparent fluid containing microscopic particles are at its heart. Millions of these capsules are distributed on a thin sheet in an electronic paper display. The colors and electric charges of the particles inside the capsules might vary.

The electrodes are then placed above and below the capsule film. The particles with the associated charge migrate to the top or bottom of the capsule when a positive or negative electric field is supplied to an individual electrode. This is how pictures may be shown on the surface of an ePaper display.

Applications of ePaper displays

ePaper displays are the best option for industrial and consumer applications such as e-prices, weather stations, smart homes, modern timetables, interactive signs,

badges, and smartwatches.

Public transportation

One of the most appealing features of ePaper technologies is that they are well-suited to outdoor applications such as public transit timetables. The local authorities do not have to manually modify the information at each stop if the timetable changes.

Displays in smart cities

Another intriguing use of ePaper is information displays, which may be scattered throughout cities to show important information ranging from the weather forecast to entrance restrictions for certain buildings or organizations.

Digital price tags and boards

One of the most efficient uses of ePaper technologies is digital price tags and price boards. Also called e-prices, such price tags can be adjusted in real time based on the changing customer demand inside a retail facility.

Product models

Let’s take a look at the three ePaper modules we recommend for your applications.

Size (inch)
Operating Temperature

Model 1

Transportation (timetables) Kiosks (information points) Indoor smart systems






16 gray level

Model 2

Retail (advertising media) Totems (information points)





15-35° C


Model 3

Retail (advertising media), Transportation (timetables, maps) Digital signage (information points, restaurants menus, posters)






16 gray level

NOTE: Custom sizes and features can be integrated based on requirements.

ePaper displays - key specifications

1.1, 1.27, 1.3,1.43, 1.49, 1.54, 2.13, 2.72, 2.9, 3.5, 4.05, 4.2, 4.3, 4.7, 5.17, 5.65, 6, 6.8, 7.8, 9.7, 10.3, 11.3, 13.3, 31.2, 42.0
122X250, 128X296, 152X152, 160X160, 240X240, 256X128, 256X256, 296X128 (300X200,480X720, 600X360, 600X448, 800X480, 960X540, 1024X758, 1072X1448, 1200X825, 1280X720,1404X1872, 1440X1080, 600X1200, 2160X2880, 2200X1650, 2400X1034, 2560X1440
16 Gray Level, 2 Gray Level, 4 Gray Level, 4096 colors, black-yellow-white, CMYK, black-white, black-red-white
47, 85, 94, 112, 118, 120, 123, 128
Module type
Chip on glass, __
USB, SPI, Parallel (8 bit)
E-ink, Melrose Systems, __
Power Supply
3v, 5v, __
Open frame module, with front light, work in low temperatures
E-ink, Melrose Systems

When achievements say more than promises

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We keep a permanent stock of basic products. That’s how we’re always ready to meet the needs of our customers. No long waiting times, no delays. The Melrose team is always there to make sure your company is ahead of the game.

Tailor-made solutions

Whatever feature combination you need, we can deliver it to you. Create your product by choosing various parameters. Get in touch with us, and we will start the customization process within 24h of receiving your order.


Thanks to our unique modular system, we can offer the same display size in different configurations and adapt it to any project by easily upgrading the display without changing the product design.

When Requirements Become Real ePaper Display Prototype

Talk with the Melrose engineers to layout a prototype you wanted to launch. Get your customized product with a 100% satisfaction rate.

Melrose has superior knowledge in using the right technology, meeting every requirement consideration. Call us for any clarification.

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