Display Screen Enhancement

Improve the quality of your display component with Melrose and our offer of display screen enhancement options.

We offer two screen enhancement options designed to create a truly unique product for you.

O-Film – this enhancement improves the viewing angle of any Melrose display. By carrying out research, we found a solution that enhances the TN glass viewing angles and overcomes grayscale inversion.

This is accomplished by changing the structure of LCD TFT and the top polarizer with a special film that widens viewing angles – or, as we like to call it, O-film.

Brightness Enhancement Film (BEF) – this feature provides up to 111% of brightness gain for your display. When the brightness of your display isn’t well-adjusted, the screen isn’t going to look good – no matter the image quality.

To boost luminance, all it takes is adding a thin surface to the display you’ve chosen, and the BEF will do its job by recycling of the diffuse light into the backlight and directing the beams through the display. The added benefit of this solution is lower power consumption – since the solution increases the efficiency of the used backlight, the power consumption remains low.

The brightness enhancement depends on the number of used sheets of the BEF:

  • One piece of BEF boosts brightness by ~55%
  • Two pieces of BEF boosts brightness by ~111%
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