Touch Screen Structures

Take advantage of our innovative line of touch screen solutions to make your product resistant and high-performing.

Touch Screen Structures

Our clients can choose from several types of touch screen structures that are currently available on the market. The diversity of solutions allows matching modules with even the most demanding application requirements.

Depending on the desired functionalities, Melrose will help you select the best-suited touch screen structures. Examples of touch screen features available to our clients are vandal resistance, high light transmission, resistance to dust and water, immunity to electromagnetic interference, as well as high and low temperatures, and UV rays.

Structure of glass screens

Explore this table to see the most popular touch screen structures:

GG type (glass sensor + customized glass panel)
1G type (glass sensor + customized film)
G1F type (glass / film sensor + customized film)
GFF type (film / fiom foliowy + customized glass panel)
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