Shatterproof Touchscreens

Discover our offer of quality shatterproof touch screens that can meet even the highest application demands.

Shatterproof Touchscreens

Melrose systems specialize in manufacturing touch panels characterized by high-quality and durability. That is why these products meet the standards of industries such as military and medical. 

Touch panels are highly versatile and therefore often appear in public spaces. As a result, they are exposed to a lot of traffic from hundreds, or even thousands of users every single day.

That is why the manufacturer focuses on issues related to user security while designing touch solutions. This is especially important in medical applications, where the safety of staff, patients, and operators is always prioritized.

Anti-shatter Film

The Anti-shatter Film prevents the spread of glass shards following potential module damage. Many tests have demonstrated that no glass fragments from a broken touch panel or LCD will leave the boundaries of the module protected by the coating. This is true even in scenarios where both components are damaged.

The Anti-shatter Film is available in two variants of hardness: 3H or 7H. It comes with a light transmission of 89% (+/-3%) and meets the requirements specified for the UL94VTM-2 flammability rating.

User safety is a key issue in the process of designing various devices today. That is why the Anti-shatter Film finds extensive use in various types of applications. You can find it on the front side of touch panels installed in systems such as public information kiosks precisely because it provides optimal security. 

In food preparation equipment, the Anti-shatter Film minimizes the risk of food contamination with glass shards. The coating can also be used to protect modules installed in the navigation and information systems in public transport vehicles.

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