Cover Glass Printing

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Cover Glass Printing

One of the global leaders in touch panel technology, Melrose, has recently patented a brand-new method of printing on glass substrates that allows true-color high-quality graphics (even with gradients). Currently, the company is the only manufacturer in the world able to produce touch screens imprinted with photorealistic graphics.

There are currently many different processes and inks for printing on glass available on the market.

One of them is silk screen printing, which is prevalent on the market but cannot produce effects such as color gradients. Another option is ceramic inks. Although they are characterized by excellent adhesion, ceramic inks need to undergo high-temperature curing, which may be incompatible with thinner glass panels ( potential warping of the glass substrate).

Melrose’s PhotoReal digital printing technology delivers images of the highest quality and is suitable for glass panels with a thickness of less than 4 mm. That is due to the fact that the entire process doesn’t require high-temperature curing.

Moreover, the printing process needs to meet specific durability standards. PhotoReal Décor Glass panels have successfully passed internal adhesion testing, environmental testing, and UV testing. Our clients can take advantage of these attractive panels into their products with confidence that they not only look good but are also long-lasting. PhotoReal glass print is ideally suited to applications such as POS, KIOSK, transport, military, smart devices, gaming machines.

Main features:
  • Available for 3.5″ – 32″ sizes
  • Print thickness: < 10um
  • Permeability: < 1%
  • Maximum temperature: +80°C
  • Minimum temperature: -40°C
  • Advantages of Melrose PhotoReal digital printing:
  • Proprietary formula of pigment nanomolecules
  • Proprietary printing process
  • Up to 1 million colors
  • Photorealistic color gradients
  • Possibility of printing on thin glass
  • No need for high temperature curing
  • Short LT
  • Availability in small quantities
  • Accurate color matching (ICC and CMS)
  • Environmentally-friendly materials and manufacturing
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