Melrose Systems delivers membrane switch prototypes including the most advanced features, as quickly as between 5 and 20 days – for as little as $1300. We can also quickly produce graphic overlay and label prototypes thanks to fast digital processing.

A $1,300 keypad prototype includes:

  • Membrane switch feature and material selection engineering
  • 5 membrane keypads
  • Flat buttons (no embossing)
  • Less than 17”x 23” outside dimensions
  • Gloss, matte or textured finish
  • Approximate color matches (no limit on the number of colors)
  • Conductive silver on PET circuit
  • Metal snap domes or light touch actuation
  • Common high-performance adhesives
  • NEMA IP65 waterproof frame
  • Zero insertion force; zif (>.5 mm pitch) or .100” plug style connectors
  • Assumes mostly complete vector graphic and dimensional files supplied by the customer (e.g., pdf, .ai, .cdr)

Design Options

  • Indicator LEDs
  • Low-profile 7 segment displays
  • Button/graphic backlighting
    • Light guide film (LGF)
    • Electroluminescent (EL)
  • NEMA 4; Waterproof adhesive frames
  • UV-resistant and outdoor materials
Printing & Buttons
  • Printed features:
    • Selectively textured overlays (around gloss display windows)
    • Tinted & dead front windows
    • Metallic; gradients; phosphorescence; ,full color
    • PMS/Fed Standard color matches.
  • Buttons:
    • Embossed (key-rim; key-full key; braille: indicator LED)
    • Hard epoxy
    • Soft urethane buttons
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