Mechanical Design and Printing

Mechanical Design and Printing

Our engineers provide consultation on mechanical design, including buttons, graphics, severe exposure, and integration with touch screens. Buttons can be embossed as part of the graphic overlay, or soft or hard molded buttons can be integrated with the design. We create the tactile feel by using discrete metal domes or formed polyester layers (polydomes).


Metallic inks, halftone, and full-color printing grab attention when added to PMS matched colors.

Severe Exposure

We deliver UV resistant polyester, waterproof backside adhesive frames, and metal membrane switch constructions.

Touch Screen Integration

Our experts integrate touch screens with membrane switches and overlays. Cleanroom applied OCA or spacer dots maximize display clarity. We laminate optically clear adhesive (OCA) in the 10-micron gap between the overlay and the touch screen to reduce light refraction, eliminate Newton rings or moisture intrusion, and protect the touch screen from failure or cosmetic damage. We apply the OCA in our class 10000 cleanroom to ensure good yields and high-quality lamination.

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