Key Components Of A Membrane Switch

When designing a membrane switch, our experts consider different parameters, including the intended use cases, graphic overlays, adhesives, and more. Find out more about the components a membrane switch needs to have.

Mechanical Design & Printing

  • Colors, textures, and other visual design elements should be carefully considered when developing the look
  • Tactile versus non-tactile functionality can influence user experience.


  • Improve visibility and engagement for users with backlit elements in the design.

Graphic overlay

  • Material selection is key based on aesthetics, function, and environment.

Display module

  • Incorporating a display module into your Membrane Switch assembly for a finished look.

Circuit design elements

  • Carefully consider your switches, spacers, connectors, and any backer materials.
  • LEDs and shielding layers are also important considerations during the design phase.

Touch customization

  • Integrate PCAP touchscreen technology with a tactile membrane switch to deliver a unique solution and experience.