How does it feel to type on your computer keyboard? The sound of the keys, the quick feedback for every press received as a response for what you type – it’s an experience! The physical feedback you receive while typing on the keys is
The choice of the backlighting technology in membrane switch design can have a massive impact on the user experience. Fortunately, manufacturers offer a broad range of backlighting options that allow membrane switch engineers to manage factors such
Installing a membrane switch correctly is critical to make the most out of your investment. In this article, we go over every single installation step to ensure that your engineers don’t accidentally damage the switch while installing it in your
When it comes to switch technologies, engineers can choose from a wide range of types, including mechanical switches, capacitive switches, and membrane switches. Let’s focus on the latter type now. When it comes to membrane switches, you can
One of the key steps to designing high-quality equipment is choosing the right components for it. Unfortunately, many businesses out there are so busy focusing on the mission-critical tasks that they forget about the many elements of their
Choosing the right components for an application is one of the most important steps during the planning stage. At Melrose Nameplates, we help our clients at every step of the way to make sure that the components they choose are of the highest
A membrane switch is a great addition to any project that requires designing and implementing an outstanding customer experience. Membrane switches offer fantastic flexibility, and their applications can be made to fit almost any industry. When