Graphic Overlay Backlighting

In membrane switch design, the backlighting technology chosen can have a significant influence on the user experience. Manufacturers like Melrose provide a wide selection of backlighting choices, allowing membrane switch designers to control aspects like light color, quality, intensity, and coverage.

Melrose backlights graphic overlay with:

  • light guide film,
  • electroluminescent,
  • and fiber optic technologies.

These technologies provide even backlighting without hot spots.

Dead front printing is used to hide graphics when membrane switch backlights are switched off.

Graphic Overlay Backlighting

  • A light guide film (LGF) layer behind the overlay selectively directs LED-generated light to buttons and other backlit features.
  • Electroluminescent backlights use AC current to excite phosphors and generate wide-area illumination.
  • Flat fiber optic bundles can also create wide-area illumination.
  • Low-profile 7-Segment displays are integrated with LED and diffusing ink constructions.


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